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ICBM Plus has awarded Alphatracker the supply of 124 MW in Italy

Chilean fund ICBM Plus, which invests mainly in mining and now also in renewable energy in Europe, announced that it is in the process of building agrovoltaic and photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 124 MW in Europe, mainly focusing on Italy. In particular, 18 of the 25 plants will be agri-voltaic and will be used to mainly cultivate “vines, as well as olive, pomegranate, citrus and cherry trees”, as confirmed to PV Magazine by a spokesman for Alphatracker, the Italian producer chosen by ICBM Plus for the supply of trackers for projects.
These 18 plants are part of the concept of “advanced high-capacity agrovoltaics”, a term coined by Alphatracker to describe their most versatile agrovoltaic tracker which, according to the manufacturer, is able to adapt to any type of soil, crop and collection without penalizing the energy production of the plant. The other installations are photovoltaic plants with a conventional solar tracking system.
The plants are already under construction and will start operating from the third quarter of this year, as confirmed by Alphatracker to this media outlet.