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Alphatracker Solutions

At Alphatracker we also focus on offering our customers solutions that integrate with our facilities and trackers, always offering the best service to our customers and always looking to reduce construction costs and increase the return on investment. We are committed to offering solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers and exceed their expectations. Request a quote.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico

Adaptation to the slopes of the land

Le nostre strutture e i nostri tracker solari sono attentamente progettati per adattarsi alle pendenze e alle irregolarità del terreno, riducendo significativamente la necessità di lavori di costruzione civile nei progetti. Questa capacità di adattamento riduce l’impatto ambientale e paesaggistico evitando grandi movimenti di terra. Il nostro approccio si concentra sulla massimizzazione dell’efficienza e della sostenibilità, consentendo un’installazione più rapida e rispettosa dell’ambiente. Riducendo i lavori di costruzione civile, siamo in grado di ridurre i costi e i tempi di esecuzione, offrendo così una soluzione efficiente e responsabile dal punto di vista ambientale.

Sinergia con colture già presenti

This solution is based on the high capacity Agrivoltaic system. Thanks to the design of this tracker and to the patented adaptation solutions such as the Flexslope, it is possible to create an Agrovoltaic installation on a crop already present on land that may have slopes and irregularities. At Alphatracker, we believe that this solution has enormous potential as it does not disrupt farming but increases the profitability of the crop. With this solution, greater availability of the land is obtained, local agricultural work is maintained, the profitability of the land is increased, the environmental and agronomic impact is reduced, costs are saved in civil works and much more.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico
soluzioni per l'agrovoltaico

Smart Control

Our solution was developed specifically for agro-voltaic technology. Using intelligent control, the position of the PV modules can be adjusted optimally to maximize crop production. This allows you to optimize growing conditions by regulating the amount of sunlight and shade your plants receive at different times of day. By intelligently adapting the position of the PV modules, we achieve a perfect balance between solar energy generation and healthy crop growth, maximizing both agricultural production and renewable energy generation. This innovative technology promotes a harmonious integration between agriculture and solar energy, offering twofold and sustainable benefits.


Our solution has been designed to optimize the tracker control system, allowing the control of up to 15 trackers from one main TCU (Tracker Control Unit). What makes this solution special is that the slave trackers of this TCU can operate independently, without the need to communicate directly with the park’s NCUs (Central Node Control Units). This simplifies and speeds up the process of controlling and supervising trackers, improving overall system efficiency. Furthermore, by reducing the dependence on the NCUs, the risk of communication interruptions is minimized and the centralized management of the tracker area is optimized.

multicontrollo per fotovoltaico