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Fixed Structures

Fixed structures on the ground adapted to any type of configuration and to any type of photovoltaic module currently on the market. Robustness, quality and durability of the materials used in their manufacture to obtain the maximum useful life of the plant.

soluzioni per l'agrovoltaico

Single Post

The single post structure designed by Alphatracker is designed to reduce the number of foundations, making it ideal for land where the cost of foundations is too high. This structure, like all other Alphatracker structures, offers the best quality and resistance.

Double Post

This structure has been carefully designed to reduce material costs without compromising terrain adaptability, whether on North-South or East-West slopes. This approach allows us to offer an efficient solution that adapts to specific ground conditions. Unlike single pole structures, this structure offers greater flexibility in module arrangement configurations, giving you more options to fit your project needs.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico