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Agrovoltaic Trackers

Our trackers are designed to effectively address the particular challenges of integrating agriculture and solar energy, ensuring optimal performance in both energy production and crop quality.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico


Tracker with one or two vertical modules whose height from the ground meets the minimum requirements necessary to consider an installation as “Agrivoltaic”.


The Advanced Agrivoltaic tracker system developed by Alphatracker offers the possibility of working under solar panels using standard agricultural equipment. Our Advanced Agrivoltaic tracker stands out for its ability to adapt to any type of crop, offering flexibility and versatility in application. In addition, its design allows excellent adaptability to the terrain, facilitating installation and maintenance. An additional benefit is the significant reduction of the need for excavation, simplifying the process and minimizing the impact on the land.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico
soluzioni per l'agrovoltaico

Advanced high capacity

High Capacity Agrivoltaic, a term coined by our company, refers to solar trackers that have the ability to adapt to existing crops in the land where the PV system is installed. These trackers have a high ability to adapt to different distances between poles and slopes of the ground. The goal of this tracker is to maximize both electrical and agricultural production on the land. Using these high-capacity solar trackers, the energy and agricultural potential of the area is exploited to the fullest, offering an efficient and cost-effective solution for the implementation of Agrivoltaics.