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Agrovoltaic Fixed Structures

These structures have the height and stiffness needed to share space with the crops grown on the land. This structure allows flexibility in design and adaptability to the terrain, while maintaining the quality, rigidity and safety of all our structures.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico

Conventional Fixed Structure

This structure was specifically designed to allow coexistence with agricultural crops. It is a structure with variable configuration and higher rigidity than the structures used in normal photovoltaic generation installations, as they are designed to withstand greater stresses. It is common to use upright panel configurations in these types of structures, as opposed to standard installations. This configuration with a vertical panel allows for better integration with agricultural crops and maximizes the use of the available space, thus offering an innovative and efficient solution for the coexistence of agriculture and photovoltaic generation.

Greenhouse Structure

These structures are designed to function both as an integral part of the greenhouse and as an additional installation, in order to optimize the use of the land and obtain the simultaneous production of energy and food. By integrating photovoltaic structures into the greenhouse or installing them additionally, efficiency is maximized and a synergy is created between solar energy generation and agricultural production. This allows to obtain double advantage by using the space in an optimal way to generate renewable electricity and to grow food in a sustainable way, offering an innovative solution and promoting Agrivoltaic.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico