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With more than 15 years of experience both in the photovoltaic structures sector and in the agricultural sector, we are able to provide a valid solution both from the point of view of energy exploitation and from the point of view of agricultural or zootechnical exploitation.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico

Agrovoltaic Trackers

Our trackers are designed to effectively address the particular challenges of integrating agriculture and solar energy, ensuring optimal performance in both energy production and crop quality. We have 3 types of trackers according to your needs:

  • Conventional
  • Advanced
  • Advanced High Capacity

Agrovoltaic Fixed Structure

These structures have the height and stiffness needed to share space with the crops growing on the land.

This structure allows for design flexibility and terrain adaptability, while maintaining the quality, rigidity and safety of all our structures.

strutture per l'agrovoltaico