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Talesun and Alphatracker to develop 1 GW of agrovoltaic projects worldwide, focusing on Italy

China-based multinational, Talesun, and Alphatracker, an Italian manufacturer of solar trackers and structures specializing in agrivoltaic systems, today announced a collaboration agreement for the development and implementation of agrovoltaic systems worldwide, with particular attention to Italy.

The combination of the two companies will offer integrated solutions to their customers. Talesun, which has an agrovoltaic project development portfolio of more than 1 GW for the next three years, will undertake the development and construction of the projects using the agrovoltaic solutions designed and manufactured by Alphatracker.

A spokesperson for the companies stated that “the projects will be adapted to the typical crops of each region in which they will be implemented, and there will be projects that combine photovoltaic generation with the cultivation of olive trees, vines, fruit trees or herbaceous crops, among others “.

Talesun declares that the realization of this series of projects represents an investment of more than 700 million euros.